Beauties Among the Beasts...Women in Modern Photography

Beauties among the beasts

Last night while at our Pictage Users Group (PUG) monthly meet up in Jacksonville, FL, hosted by Scarlett Lillian, I looked around the table at Scarlett, Sarah DeShaw and Cheryl Joy Miner and for some reason I was so surprised at their...ahem..."youth." All of them are under 30, yet are competing day-to-day with photographers who have had businesses longer than these women have been alive.

These women are phenomenal! Not only the photographic and business sense, but also in their humanity. I often talk to OUTSTANDING women photographers such as Trudy Hamilton, Latoya Roberson, Dawn McCarthy, Carissa Glanton, Heather Whitson Blackwell, Tasha Prescott, and Krystal Blase, amongst others; and I have come to notice that these younger female photographers tend to be more approachable and humble than their male counterparts. They tend to have a certain sincerity that I think us macho, male photographers often lack.

Many people complain about a "glass ceiling" but photography is probably one of the most male dominated industries out there outside of professional sports, politics, and the military.

I admit it, I can often be cocky and on a good day arrogant, but these women, as good as they are, are ALWAYS PLEASANT. Sure I have to hear about Dawn's 'Chicken Fried Chicken' and Trudy's "tea rush," but they are always cool calm and collective.

I often wonder how are these women treated in the industry? Are they embraced, shunned, or looked down upon? Some of these women I know are PERSONALLY persecuted by jealousy or by envy. Yes none of us are perfect, but if you are booking 20+ weddings a year, in the bracket I want to be in, and I struggle to get 5, it doesn't matter how good my photos are, there is something I'm doing wrong! But many fail to admit that.

I know in Jacksonville, Florida alone, both Dawn and Scarlett give a lot of themselves to their photographic community. In the little time I have known Trudy, I have learned a lot. I know their lives are not perfect, and I am pretty sure we ALL wished that we could get ONE MORE CLIENT this week, or one more wedding booked for next year.

What is amazing that in a time when many turn to photography as a second career, these women have started well before their 30's. They always have an energy about them...and frankly, they are always happy to see me! lol. But really appreciate not only the professional, but personal friendships that I have developed with these women.

So what are some things I have learned from these women?

  1. Have patience! (Latoya)
  2. Invest in your clients (Dawn)
  3. Invest in your MENTAL aptitude! (Trudy)
  4. Light yourself on fire and people will gather around to watch you burn (Scarlett)
  5. You don't have to be tall to get a good shot (Krystal)

Ok I need to go until next time happy people!

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