'My last Shabbat as a boy'

'My last Shabbat as a boy'

My Photographic Philosophy

I believe we live in a 4 dimensional existence. This includes the fourth dimension of time. Not only the place of an event, but the moment that event occurs. Your first kiss, the last good-bye, where you said "I do." When we hearken to our memories, we try to recall our senses to the place AND moment that memory occurred.

Through the power of the photographic print, I believe we are able to stop time, and bring us to that moment whenever we want, even if we were never there ourselves. 

I believe in the look, feel, and impact of a print.

There is no substitute. Never to be deleted. Never to be erased. Never to be forgotten. 

As we go through our photographic journeys together, I wish us many prints to come!