Six Degrees of Relavency...

OFTEN when meeting with other photographers, we discuss not only ways to improve our art in Photography, but also in ways of improving our business and industry as a whole. Quickly, the conversation goes beyond economic and market forces to that of things that WE could do better. While watching a movie, something struck me. How do we network?

There is a theory known as "The Six Degrees of Separation." The theorem is that anyone in the world can be linked to another person within 6 people. Some of us might even remember playing the game where you would link any actor to Kevin Bacon; whether it was Al Pacino, Michael Jordan, or even Elvis!

Could understanding this philosophy be even more true today? If you are a professional in your market, would you be known within 6 random professionals in your area? ? What about 5? Possibly 4?

For a long time I have looked at other photographers in my area, not as competition, but as colleagues.  Doing this helps to not only create a better market for professionals, but also for our clients and customers. So what is a good degree of separation that you should have in your town, city, region...etc?

I feel to be relevent, you need to be effectively networking with those in your field.  If you are effectively networking with your colleagues(or competition), you should have a degree of no more than 3 people. If someone took 6 random professionals in your area, yes, 3 of them should know who you are, whether it is personally or by reputation.

Why is this so important? If your colleagues do not know that you exist, how will your potential clients know that you have a product or service to provide them? In this world of social networking both online and mobile wireless, word of mouth is even MORE important than ever before. Communicate, network, meet for coffee, read each other's blogs, and seek out those that are in your area. Learn from them, and teach others. You will soon come to notice that your name and your brand will be come relevent in circles you have yet to explore!

Leighton DaCosta

Hello, I'm Leighton and I help people around the world tell their story. Let me introduce myself. Whether it's for online dating, or a professional profile, it always seems that the "About Me" section is always the hardest to write. Not because you have nothing to say about yourself, but because you want to be sincere, genuine, interesting, and brief all at the same time. I have never been a fan of writing about me in the third person, like: "Leighton DaCosta, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to Brooklyn, NY at an early age when his parents wanted to form a new life for themselves and their children. In the third grade, the family moved to Orlando, Fl, where Leighton considers his home town. After spending 3 tours in the Navy, he settled in Jacksonville, and now Miramar, Florida, where he now calls home. Today, still wanted by many, he does work as a fashion and wedding photographer. If you have a wedding(or photo shoot)... if no one else can help... and if you can find him... maybe you can hire... ok.. this is not The A- Team." But you see what I mean? What do you know about me? How can we connect? Did you know that my FAVORITE food is Pizza and Sushi? Or that my favorite color is Purple? When I go to the wine bars, I usually order Mimosas, because even the cheapest champagne tastes great with some good ole OJ. When I travel, I like staying in nice hotels. Not because of the name, (even though I AM partial to Hyatt) but because of the bathrooms. One of my favorite hotels is the Viking in Newport, Rhode Island. Small rooms, but AWESOME bathrooms. I LOVE TO EAT, and eating as much as I have, has led me to be about 100 pounds more than I was in High School... Yeah there is some muscle there, but if it was all muscle, I'm sorry folks, I wouldn't be taking photos, I would be retiring from the NFL. If you want to see some of my favorite dishes, follow me on Instagram. Because of that, I find myself now in the gym more than ever. Trying to stay fit and alive... I workout, so I can EAT! Well that's enough for now, if you want to know more about me, follow my blog. Better yet, I want to find out more about YOU. So let's talk!