Celebrating Good Times: Jacksonville Downtown Cigar Lounge

Welcome to the Downtown Cigar Lounge 11 Ocean St Jacksonville, FL

Welcome to the Downtown Cigar Lounge
11 Ocean St
Jacksonville, FL

For those in Jacksonville who haven't been to Downtown Jacksonville in a while, and love a great cigar, then you may not know of the Downtown Cigar Lounge (DCL), located at 11 Ocean St; around the corner from the Florida Theater, right off Bay St.

On Saturday, February 21st, the DCL had a dual celebration. Celebrating the one year anniversary is a very important feat in any business, but especially one in Downtown Jacksonville, as the Urban Core strives to recreate itself to a new future. 

I discovered the DCL around November when I was staying at the Hyatt Riverfront in Jacksonville. I asked a friend of mine, about a good lounge in Jax, and she mentioned about a new lounge nearby. I was instantly impressed. The look and feel, the intimacy, the "grown up" feeling of the establishment, instantly swept me away. 

There is a good mixture, of laughs, conversation, smoke, music, art, and dancing that fills the place, even on the slowest nights. Bringing back the feelings of a neighborhood watering hole, mixed with a 1930's feel. This ambiance provided a great backdrop for Saturday night's theme, 'Gatsby and Gangsters'

This themed also worked with the second celebration going on that night, Simone's 40th Birthday party. The celebration went well in the night with great food and laughs in the member's area. 

For more images from the evening's event, visit http://ldphotography1.shootproof.com/downtowncigarloungeparty



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