5 Tips to Better the Craft: FOOD! | Leighton DaCosta, Tampa Beauty Photographer

Craft services could be grand or simple. Presentation and substance matters! Location: Elite Pour La Vie, Atlanta, GA.

Craft services could be grand or simple. Presentation and substance matters! Location: Elite Pour La Vie, Atlanta, GA.

What happens when an entire beauty team has been on set for hours and working hard? HUNGER! In today’s post, I wanted to keep things simple and talk about a different part of the craft. Craft services. Simply the food and refreshments that are provided during extended projects and shoots.

When scheduling a shoot longer than three hours, some kind of refreshment should be provided. For sessions longer than 6 hours, expect to have two to three extended breaks and on set snacks.

Having refreshments will help keep up the energies of all involved. Here are some tips when it comes to setting up craft services.

  1. Be functional.

    • While pretty trays make great visuals, whats more important is what is IN the trays. Plural finger foods go a long way. Crackers, cheese slices, sliced meats, cookies and other snacks are great.

  2. Be Sanitary

    • Have enough cups and serving utensils available. Try to minimize the need to physically touch food, especially foods that the person will not be taking for themselves.

    • If possible have a hand wash station/sanitizing station.

    • If on location, have individually wrapped items or individual portions.

  3. Be Plentiful

    • For me, the standard ratio is 2:1 for each person there for snacks/fruits. This way crew can have options. I’ve found if you got 3:1 there is significant waste, and if you got 1:1, it often isn’t enough.

    • When serving drinks, individual servings are better, unless you have some sort of dispensing system. The best part about small 6 ounce bottles and cans, is the ability to use leftovers for future sessions and events. The worst part is excess waste/trash, so try and recycle as much as possible.

  4. (Don’t) Be Cheap

    • Depending on the crowd and/or shoot, you may not have to have $5 water bottles on set. Often you can find premium labeled snacks and drinks, available in smaller sizes for a great value. This is where quality matters more than quantity. Establish a cost per person, and maintain that budget.


    • For smaller shoots and sessions, craft services seems to be a tradition that is coming to an end, but this could be a great opportunity to find a new marketing partner. I try to use local businesses when possible. It may not seem like a big deal, but an extra $100 to a local breakfast spot goes a long way for one sale, and can often feed about 15-30 people. Just call them up, tell them what you are needing, and let them worry about delivery, utensils, setup, and sometimes, even cleanup.

Do you currently provide craft services to your shoots and sessions? What are some of your tips?


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