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On Friday, January 26, Charleston Wedding week presented the Designer Shows at the historic Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. The evening, culminating the nightly festivities of Charleston Wedding Week, was absolutely spectacular. From the outdoor waterfront reception, welcoming guests with drinks, live music, and even caviar. 

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Charleston Wedding Week is an annual celebration of all that is the wedding industry. The venue at Lowndes Grove proved to be the perfect venue for a bridal fashion show. The permanent and expandable event tent offered plenty of seating, great lighting, and an awesome horseshoe runway setup.

The DJ kept the energy up with the high tempo selections and the MC of the night. While Della MacNicholas of Charleston Weddings Magazine and The Wedding Row, opened and closed the show beautifully.

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Event emcee, Della MacNicholas, opens the Designer Shows

Event emcee, Della MacNicholas, opens the Designer Shows

The Designer Shows was titled sponsored by jewelers, Diamonds Direct and Henri Daussi. The four showcases were from Mason Hosker Bridal, Lovely Bride Charleston with its 'Made with Love' presentation, Emily Kotarski, and Modern Trousseau

Afterwards, guests were invited into the main house to meet with the designers and presenters in individual rooms. There was also a two piece ensemble upstairs to serenade guests as they browsed the rooms.

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Event Design & Florals
Fox Events

Event Design, Event Production Director
Naomi Russell, Exec. Director for Charleston Wedding Week

Event Design, Fashion & Model Coordination, Fashion Production
Lindsey Nowak, Fashion Director for Charleston Wedding Week

Event Draping Design
Tiffany Snyder and Moriah White, Veil

Event Emcee
Della MacNicholas

Event Technical Director
Todd St. Onge, Technical Event Company

Model Coordination
Kaelyn Jiran, Model Coordinator for Charleston Wedding Week

Runway DJ
Arthur Brouthers


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