Five Ways To Know Your Photos Aren't Cutting It (via Photofocus)

My favorite statement: 2. Your Photos Aren’t Cutting It if you’re waiting for that next lens, that next camera or that next flash you plan to buy before you get serious about your photography. Some of the most iconic photographs of our time were made with minimal equipment. A few months ago I made salable images in the Grand Canyon area using a $500 Nikon P7000 compact camera. Waiting on gear is a crutch that people use to give themselves an excuse to remain mediocre.

How often do we make excuses to suck? IF I ONLY HAD THIS! Don't get me wrong. I would love to have an H4D, or even a D3s, but the one thing I have always had to keep in mind is that the camera doesn't give me better pictures, just maybe better picture quality. If I can't focus with a D200, what makes me think I can focus better with a Hasselblad?

Five Ways To Know Your Photos Aren't Cutting It I don't usually write stuff from this point of view. I'd rather tell you how to improve your pictures. But someone recently pointed out to me that he didn't know when things were going south for him, so he also didn't know when they were going well. That resonated with me a bit so I'm going to share these tidbits in the hope that I don't offend anyone, but perhaps shake them up enough to want to improve. It's important to note that one man's tras … Read More

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