Work the Flow Wednesday?



Jared Speaks


That is all I am left saying tonight after seeing Jared Platt's presentation dealing with workflow inside of Adobe Lightroom tonight.  The talk was sponsored by the Jacksonville Pictage Users Group (PUG), and Pictage at the Jacksonville Marriott.  The last time I went to a PUG meeting at the Marriott, I was wowed again, because the speaker at that time was now retired, world-famous wedding photographer, Gary Fong.

Before I continue, I also want to give a special thank you to Scarlett Lillian for doing all that she does for Jacksonville Photographers, and our PUG group.

It was great seeing a lot of other photographers there in the house to listen to Jared. The meetup started around 7, and I didn't leave til almost 10pm. I would have stayed longer to pick his brain. It is amazing and a breath of fresh air to see someone like Jared be so approachable.

Jared is a well-known wedding photographer from outside of Phoenix, AZ. He is a family man, and is as normal as someone can be. His lessons were not the "amen", 'Joel Osteen,' type of speech, but more so the Bob Villa, "let me tell you what's wrong, and this is how we fix it," type of approach.



Four Rules


Jared was kind enough to share his 4 rules to better selection when it came to chosing photos for image selection.  I learned a lot from that process. I thought that I had a good system before, now I look forward to it getting better.

Leighton DaCosta

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