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Best Business Practices for Photographers, Third Edition | John Harrington


If there is one book that has really helped me establish a sound business model of photography, it is the Best Business Practices for Photographers (BBPP). I had preordered the first edition and decided to get the third edition to update to 2018/2019. With 800+ pages of knowledge, this latest BBPP is a MUST have in any photographer’s library regardless of time in the industry.

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Photographer's Market 2018 | Noel Rivera


The Photographer’s Market is an annual series of places that photographers can sell their work. This 41st edition was purchased for my upcoming Back to Business Basics workshop to update information from my 2010 edition.

I love the updates, and would recommend that it should be updated at least every 5-10 years for the casual seller and no later than once every 3 years for more active sellers.

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