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The Survey Questions: #20. When will the photos be ready?

This is the first of a series of questions that I want to answer for brides, grooms, and all interested. This blog deals with the age old question regarding when will the pictures be delivered. 

Almost a hundred years ago, the "instant" camera was invented. It would take almost 50 years before instant film and cameras would be popular with the mainstream and accessible. With the advent of digital photography and cameras on our phones, the push to get images faster and faster grows stronger. I know many of us wish we had the photos even BEFORE they are taken, but that whole space-time thing.... 

Depending on the nature of the photography AND photographer, images can be ready moments after the event, or months. There is no right or wrong answer, but only that of expressed expectations. Keep in mind, your photographer wants to put his or her best images out there, and deliver to you the very best. 

When editing and retouching is involved, a good rule of thumb is 30-90 days. Do some photographers deliver in 24-96 hours, yes, but not all are created equal, and when dealing with single person studios, that photographer not only has to photograph sessions, but meet with new clients, deliver photos to current clients, edit images, and still run the other aspects of the business. 

I have a 60 day clause in my contracts, but depending on time of year, my goal is within 30 days for most jobs, and often within 10 days for proofs. When albums are ordered, or other large prints, I ask for 90-180 days. The goal is always to underpromise and overdeliver. 

Sometimes we hear horror stories of clients waiting years to get photos or albums. We'll hear of how they spent thousands on their wedding, but what is often not told, is that they still OWE thousands on that wedding photography. I'll address the importance of a reasonable payment schedule in another post. 

In summary, make sure you ask your wedding photographer clearly when the photos will be ready. Have a reasonable turnover date in mind. Do not be afraid to place incentives and penalties in the contract as well. This may end up being a win win for both parties. Also, if the photographer has any deadlines, such as proofing or premier dates, be sure to keep them. This will allow the process to run smoother. Stay tuned for #19 where we discuss the pay schedule. 


DISCLAIMER: These questions come from several online surveys that are given to brides and grooms on websites such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, Wedding and Wedding Flowers, Martha Stewart Wedding and others. This series are an attempt to assist the customer with general answers to help his search and experience


#ShopSmall Special for my wedding clients. Save $2000

If you are a bride that has spoken to me in the past, then you know I am absolutely ADAMANT about having your wedding printed. Don't get me wrong, I love the ability to send images to friends and family around the world in the blink of an eye; but I grew up in a time where we had photos in albums and on the wall. I guess that around this time of year especially, it really hits home when friends and family are over. I know when I was growing up, THIS was the occasion that we would pull out all the old photos and tell the same stories that we told last year. Often with never the same details, but still entertaining none the less. Which is one of the reasons why I am such a big proponent of a wedding album.


an example of one of the fine hand crafted albums that I suggest to all of my brides. 

an example of one of the fine hand crafted albums that I suggest to all of my brides. 

A 12x12 wedding album opened up gives 2 feet of viewing area to have an almost larger than life memory. 

A 12x12 wedding album opened up gives 2 feet of viewing area to have an almost larger than life memory. 

These are just a couple of quick examples of what a wedding album looks like. Designed to be a family heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation, they can be as simple, or as customized as your mind can imagine. 

The Offer

Between now, and December 31, 2013, ANY wedding collection booked and fully paid by January 31, 2014 will receive a $2000 album print credit. Whether it is the most inclusive Milverton Signature Collection or the super efficient Negril Collection the offer still applies, guaranteeing you the ability of having a printed wedding album for your wedding. In the cases of the collections that already include a wedding album, the print credit can be used towards upgrades, parent albums, or even gift albums as well. 


The Catch

The only catch is that the weddings must be booked by the end of this year and paid in full by January 31, 2014. That's all... oh and of course, booking an available date. 


What Next?

Feel free to check out the different offerings on collections under the 'Admissions' tab or email me direct for more information. Or simply Click below. 


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