Simple Saturdays: The simple things: PIZZA!!!!

PIZZA!!!! Hold it, Fold it, EAT IT!!!!

So shoot me! I just finally watched the Fight Club after all these years, and while I WONT talk about Fight Club, I will talk about something that has really been near and dear to me. Being Simple. Life is so complex these days, that sometimes we forget how good it is to be simple. That bike ride around the block. Sleeping in until 10am on a Saturday. Going on a Friday night with the family to just get a few cones of ice cream. The simple things. 


Well those who know me knows that there is one food that I LOVE almost all the time. That is PIZZA!!!! The perfect simple food. I mean, it has all the food groups, and unlike a cheeseburger, you still look super cool eating a huge slice of pizza...not so much with a 4 pound burger... lol. UNLESS its a Hardee's/Carl's Jr. commercial. lol

Being overseas, you often get great food from some of the top chefs in the world. And not to sound like Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, but frankly, I am partial to NY/NJ Pizza.... it's all about the fold in my opinion. If you have to eat it with a fork, then to me it isn't "REAL" Pizza. So how happy was I when Thursday, while being on travel, I stopped by a little pizza shop and they had 18" PIES!!!!!! As well as PIZZA BY THE SLICE! 2 Pepperoni Slices PLEASE! (Tip, when in NYC, don't say a slice of pizza, people will look at you funny, and it's redundant. Just say a Slice). Those two slices made my whole week!