Model & Photographers Connection charleston
March 11, shootout

Thank you for your choosing to join us Sunday, March 11, 2018 for our group shootout. Your interest and participation is VERY valuable and appreciated as we plan future events. The information below is provided so that we can have a great event. If there are any questions, you can contact Leighton (, 757-572-6807) or Geno (, 843-597-0114)


PURPOSE Of Shootout: To provide serious models, photographers, and other industry professionals the opportunity to create fresh and new content, while networking, at a minimal investment.

OVERALL THEME: Shoot is at the beach, but not limited to beach apparel or concept. 

  1. WARDROBE: Models are to come "shoot ready" with own wardrobe and apparel.
    1. Be advised. The park has instructed us to keep in mind that it is a "Family Park." Saying that, no g-strings, thongs, nude shooting, etc. 
    2. If swimsuits fall into the above, bring a coverup or what not to be in "compliance."
  2. HAIR & MAKEUP: Models should have Hair and Makeup ready.
    1. These MUAs have indicated they will be on site available for hire. Models are encouraged to contact them before the Sunday to lock in times and rates. (Rates Vary by MUA)
      1. Saynabou @muaboug
      2. Karyna @kotreatment
      3. TBD
    • SCHEDULE: 
      • 12:00-4:00p General Admission Session (Park closes at Sunset).
        • Models and Photographers are encouraged to come early to maximize times.
    • LOCATION: Folly Beach County Park - 1100 W Ashley Ave, Folly Beach, SC 29439
        • There is a $10 per car admission fee into the park. You can park outside of the park and walk in, or you can carpool going into the park. There is a Gold Pass that you can sign up for that gives free admission/parking into the park.
        • Here are the Rules for the Park. The big rule that MUST BE FOLLOWED is to keep off of ALL Dunes. This is a near $500 fine if you are caught. It is not worth it. 


  1. USE OF IMAGES. Photographers are required to bring their own model releases. MINORS will need releases signed by parent.
  2. IMAGES. Photographers are asked to provide each model 1-3 finished images within 30 days. There will also be an album in the Facebook group for images to be posted to.  

I am really looking forward this event and I hope you are too!