COMPENSATION: I put this first, because everyone wants to get paid right? Compensation can mean many things. In the industry, talent can be compensated many different ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Money
  • Clothing
  • Prints/Images
  • Drugs/Booze
  • Sexual Favors
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Housing (i.e. couch surfing)
  • Automobiles
  • Jewelry
  • FOOD

For the sake of this discussion we will discuss both non-monetary and monetary compensation.


"Time for..." or essentially the "Trade Shoot." There is monetary value involved with most trade situations, even if there is no money actually changing hands. In situations like this, a model and photographer agree on a set amount of time to work, a set amount of costs that will be shared, and a set amount of images that will be provided to the model at the end. This should never be considered a "Free Shoot" because the time of all parties involved are absorbed for the expectation of a tangible product. All parties should treat it as such, regardless of WHAT the compensation is, or the amount.

All TF shoots will have a model release assigned. Some TF sessions will have a contract agreement attached to it. In most cases TF is reserved for models previously worked with. 


I like to get paid for the work I do as a photographer, so I am sure that you do as a model. Models are independent contractors. 

  • All models who will be working with me who will be getting any compensation greater than $101.00 but less than $599 will be asked to fill out an IRS Form W-9 prior to working together. 
  • All models who will be receiving more than $600 compensation will be required to fill out IRS Form W-9 before any disbursements are made or travel reservations finalized.
  • Models who have earned more than $600 in compensation this year can expect to receive an IRS Form 1099 early next year.

Sessions are usually paid upon arrival unless otherwise discussed. In cases of models needing an advance; up to 25% of the session fee is available for advance at discretion of the photographer. Model has discretion to request escrow for entire amount. 

  • Example
    • Model is hired to do fine art erotica at a rate of $1600 for the session, travel expenses included. Upon booking, model may be advanced up to $400 to assist with travel arrangements. Upon arrival, Model will be presented with $1200 or have $1200 transferred to her directly, electronically. 


For simplicity, payments are made usually via Google Wallet(preferred) or Paypal. If you need other arrangements, please let the studio know as soon as possible. 


When a model is contacted regarding the possibility of a working a job (Photo shoot), he/she should consider it a direct casting. Until the job is confirmed and signed, the photographer, nor the model(s) are obligated to the job.

For the average job, there may be 3 to 5 models contacted to work the job. Model(s) should keep this in mind when it comes to scheduling and schedule conflicts. There will be cases of double/overlapped booking. The stand in will still be paid at the stand in rate for the shoot. 

If you have any questions, contact the studio at leighton@leightond.com.

General expectations:

Let's face it, modeling is more than just being in front of the camera and looking pretty. This guide is to make our sessions go as smoothly as possible. While this list is not wholly exhaustive, here are a few things expect of you to make our experience together the best that it can be!

    • The importance of punctuality cannot be stressed enough. Verify all call and show times.
  • Speak up. 
    • If there is ever a time that you feel uncomfortable about a theme or a concept, please speak up before booking or as soon as you are able to. 
  • Be Sure to:
    • Have good hygiene
    • Properly groom personal areas
    • Get plenty of sleep
    • Have an awesome attitude.