• To develop a marketable, fashionable, and editorial product for LDPhotography to use on printed material, publication(s) submission or to show potential clientele. 
  • To develop imagery for model for agency submission

Images below are not owned nor created by LDPhotography unless expressed and are used for instructional and illustrative purposes only.

Makeup look for the 80's inspired look. 

Makeup look for the 80's inspired look. 

  1. OVERALL THEME: Theme(s) is/are anchored in simplicity. Images are intended to be used for portfolio submissions for casting directors and agencies. 

    THEME 1 80's Romper. 

    Probably the edgiest of the themes, the romper brings back the nostalgia of the 1980's with the Everlast logo on a slim wrestling suit styled romper. The with plenty of skin showing, this should be shot on a plan white to give a look of hard sunlight. (use C wall)

    THEME 2 Tunic Dress.

    The Tunic Dress is a very classic look that can be simple and can be very chic. Designed to highlight form, a perfect fit for a long legged and slim model. Will be using metallic ribbons do go around legs, and eyewear/headwear

    THEME 3 Purple Dress.

    Something clean and classy, this dress will go great with white accents.

    THEME 4 Casual Tank/Jeans.

  2. WARDROBE: Wardrobes will be provided by LDPhotography. 
  3. HAIR: Hair will be prepped before shoot
    MAKEUP: Prepped before shoot and during
    SHOWTIME: 0900 LD Residence (On Call Sheet (OCS))
    LOCATION 1: LD Residence

    • SCHEDULE: 
      • 10:00 Meet at prep/shoot location to do hair and makeup
      • 10:40 Depart prep location for shoot location
      • 10:55 Arrive at shoot location and setup. 
      • 11:30 Begin shooting Look 1
      • 11:50 Break*
      • 12:20 Begin shooting Look 2
      • 12:45 Break*
      • 13:00 Begin Shooting Look 3
        • 13:25 Break
      • 13:30 Begin Shooting Look 4
      • 13:45 End Session
    • Above times are estimates with added time built in  for worst case scenario. Depending on shots/model and photographer efficiency, shoot may go ahead of schedule. 


  1. COMPENSATION: This will be a collaborative shoot. Model(s) will receive 3-5 digital and printed images (non-watermarked)  with print release. It is asked for models to wait 30 days after receiving images before posting online on any social media site (FB/IG/Model Mayhem/OMP/etc) due to possible publication submissions. Model(s) may receive further compensation depending on the remainder of budget. Any "personal" wardrobe items for this shoot will be gifted to the model. 

    Support vendors will be compensated at discussed rate. If monetary compensation is rendered, no further compensation and/or consideration, including, but not limited to, additional image(s) will be rendered.
  2. USE OF IMAGES. Images will be used at my studio for studio promotions, competitions, studio marketing, and for print samples for clients, as well as for magazine/publication submission. I do reserve the right to use in tasteful web promotion to include social media.
  3. ADDITIONAL IMAGES. Additional images, will be available in a web gallery. From that gallery, you will be able to download or order images for a printed album, or for your own personal use. Additional costs may apply.  The models are licensed to use images for self promotion only and not to allow use by any third party without photographer's written consent.  

I am really looking forward to meeting you and working with you. Thanks.