PURPOSE: To develop a marketable, fashionable, and elegant beauty and boudoir product for LDPhotography to use on printed material to show potential clientele. 

Images below are not owned nor created by LDPhotography unless expressed and are used for instructional and illustrative purposes only.

  1. THEME: Theme is boudoir/lingerie/swimsuit. The session expects to be between 60-90 minutes in length of total shooting time. Theme DOES include mild nudity on set, for example, model may have exposed breasts on set, but non exposed nipple/areola to the camera. Model may have exposed bottom to camera as shown in style images.

    Secondary theme is using glow in the dark paint to  add a pop of color.Glow Paints are also a good way to make a nude shoot more modest by using the paints to discretely and tastefully cover up private areas. 

  2. WARDROBE: I want this to be a simple design/style. Either very pretty, lacy panties, or boy shorts. Ideally, I would love it to be a casual to sexy shoot. Simple blue jeans, and a tank top, or fitted t-shirt with a one shoulder messenger bag. I think the simplicity of the wardrobe is the key element of the session to sell the believably, and the intimacy. I also feel that by keeping the simpler wardrobe, it will maintain the classiness and comfort of the session. Lingerie should be one color and look closer to everyday wear than special night on the town wear. Boyshorts over leggings. 
  3. HAIR & MAKEUP: I would like for the makeup to be done, but simplified. A natural look. If you can do your own makeup, that would help greatly. If not, please let me know, and I will go out and hire an MUA. This may effect the shooting time, because of the MUA's schedule.

    Hair will be relatively easy. I would like it in a lightly braided pony tail. The example is shown below. 
  4. TIMES & LOCATION: This session will be a mainly natural light session ( but can be simulated with studio lights/flash). Because of this, timing is crucial. Required would be to either shoot early afternoon or late morning for indoor sessions. Late afternoon or early morning for outdoor sessions.
  5. For the indoor session, the location will be a  Local Hotel (or studio if available), and for the outdoor sessions, locations as illustrated.  

    If, for your comfort, you would like to bring an escort, please let me know, and arrangements can be made for him/her during the session. 
  6. COMPENSATION: This will be a Work Made for Hire with compensation of $125/Hr for up to 2 hours of PHOTOGRAPHY. (prep, travel, makeup, and instructional times are not included) 

    Rate is guaranteed upon arrival but will be released at the end of the session. (whether the session takes 1 hour or the full 2 hours, the rate is guaranteed). If I will be paying cash, so ask for some form of receipt if possible for my records. 

    As a courtesy, unless other arrangements are made, I normally release one head shot, and one image of choice to the model digitally for portfolio use. Release images are watermarked unless other arrangements are made. 

  7. USE OF IMAGES. Images will be used at my studio for studio promotions, competitions, studio marketing, and for print samples for clients. I do reserve the right to use in tasteful web promotion to include social media, but will consult with you, when possible, prior to the placement of any image where nudity, or implied nudity is contained within. 
  8. ADDITIONAL IMAGES. Additional images, will be available in a web gallery that is password protected. From that gallery, you will be able to download or order images for a printed album, or for your own personal use. 

I am really looking forward to meeting you and working with you. Thanks.