What types of photography do you specialize in? 

My focus is in wedding, fashion, boudoir, and executive portraiture. 

When it comes to commercial applications, I focus on product, aerial, and real estate photography. I am also experienced in photography regarding evidence collection for legal proceedings. 

I'm a Model, do you offer any TF* Sessions?

I value and appreciate the importance in trade sessions in order to build portfolios and produce new work. I am open to doing a limited amount of sessions per year and would love to hear your ideas. 

Do you photograph LGBT couples/weddings?

I am honored to serve all my clients!

What are your Normal Payment terms? Do you offer any installment plans? 

Sessions and events are secured with a non-refundable reservation fee of 50% of the balance at the time your reservation is made if the session is more than 30 days away. If under 30 days, the entire balance is expected to be received in order to secure the reservation. For weddings, installment options up to 18 months are available, with the last installment being scheduled 60 days prior to your wedding for your convenience. 

Do you only travel for weddings? 

International Travel is available for all sessions. In the US, travel rates. unless otherwise noted, starts from $0.85/RT Mile. 

Do you allow escorts at your sessions? 

For models under the age of 18, male or female, a parent or legal guardian must be present on site. Escorts are welcomed on site. Keep in mind, there may be themes/sessions that would require essential and working personnel only. 

Do you photograph Boudoir?

Yes! I like to call my Boudoir sessions, "L-Sessions." L could stand for Leighton, or could stand for Love, but I like think of it standing for LUXURY! I want your session to be an experience of being pampered. Hair, Makeup, Beautiful surroundings, sweet refreshments, and awesome music to help bring out that hidden side that few will ever get to see and enjoy. 

For privacy concerns, I do have online galleries of models so that you can get an idea of style, but actual client sessions are only released digitally to the clients, with many clients opting for a print only delivery. 

Do you photograph any nude work?

Yes, men and women, intimate, artistic, and other themes are welcomed and handled with extreme care and privacy.

Is makeup required for all of your sessions?

For your convenience, many of your sessions, such as head shots and boudoir, include a makeup artist to assist yo in looking your best on camera. These are license and insured professionals in their respective states/countries. If you opt to utilize your own MUA, it is requested for your MUA to be on set for the duration of your session. 

I'm a newer photographer, do you offer any workshops or training? 

Currently all assistant and apprenticeship positions are full. I do welcome requests for one on one training. In studio training rates start from $75/hr, outside of studio starts from $125/hr.